Fuse-Hack The Box Writeup

Initial Nmap scan

When I tried access port 80, it got redirected to fuse.fabricorp.local. After adding it to my /etc/hosts file I got the below page

I downloaded each CSV file and found something interesting

I found below usernames





I tried smbclient anonymous login allowed, but nothing there was found.

I created a list of passwords from the website usig cewl.

cewl -d 5 -m 3 –with-numbers -w passwd.txt  http://fuse.fabricorp.local/papercut/logs/html/index.htm

Then I started msfconsole for brute forcing with these usernames and possible passwords

We got username tlavel and password Fabricorp01

lets try login with tlavel

I got to change the password now

I created a new password: d3r1c@htb

I used rpccient for further enumeration

After a while I was able to find an intresting passwrod after enumerating the printers

We got a set of usernames and a password.

Using msfconsole again for bruteforcing

I got a new set of username and password

Username : svc-print

Password: $fab@s3Rv1ce$1

Now I tried to get shell using evilwinrm

We got the user flag!!

Previlege escalation

I executed whoami /all and I found the user svc-print has permission to load and unload drivers

You can learn how to exploit this by below link


I loaded all files in my local machines and in netcat.bat I setup a command to get remote connection to my machine

Now it is execution time

PS: you need to setup a netcat session opened


Just let me know if you have any doubts

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